You Must Learn to Delegate and Find the Right Team of People to Work for You

A buddy of mine was the owner of an apartment building for many years. He’s made a good living with it. When he decided to put the building up for sale, I immediately purchased it. I didn’t want to handle all the work by myself, so I hired a part time cleaner in Singapore to help keep everything looking good. I also hired someone to do the bookkeeping, too. The friend who I bought the building from handled these things by himself. It’s not a very large building with a lot of units, so it doesn’t demand a big staff. However, I also knew that he decided to sell the building because he felt burned out, and handling everything alone got to be too much for him over the years.

My dad taught me long ago that delegating is really important. People often feel that they are the only person who can do something correctly, so they take on too much. This is how people end up taking on too much and making a lot of mistakes that can ruin a business or cause burnout. You need to do your research and work with people who are good workers that have a good work ethic. If you hire someone who doesn’t do a good job, fire them, move on and hire someone better. It’s that easy.

The person I hired on as a part time helper has been really good to me. He is very punctual. He does a thorough job. He is enjoyable to work with. The woman who does my bookkeeping is also very punctual, and she rarely makes a mistake. Between the three of us, work has been nice on a daily basis. We all care about what we do, and that means a lot in the work world.


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