Why We Kept Our Contract with the Cleaning Services Company After We Finished Up Our Major Work Projects

Work can get crazy. The more you do, the more they expect from you. I have had to actually sit my boss down and set boundaries that the corporate world is not allowed to cross. However, I am not stupid. I realize that there are others who are willing to jump into your job and push you out of the way for less money and more hours spent at work. I never liked that about the corporate world, but it is what it is. Recently, my wife and I had to research cleaning companies to help take care of our home as we both had major projects at work that needed more attention than we really wanted to put in.

The staff we had to develop the project was new for both of us. We had to spend countless hours bringing them up to speed on a learning curve for the technology that was being developed for the client. It was one of those scenarios of making for a great career advancement, but also one that could really get you so stressed out that you feel like you are going to lose your mind trying to balance work and home. We needed the project assignments to be able to get promotions to plan for a retirement with triplets instead of the one child we were planning on. The money we put out for cleaning services was fully intended by us to be a temporary measure to get us through these projects at work.

However, as time went on, we added up the number of hours we were saving versus the cost. We could spend a little time at work to afford the service, and it allowed us many more hours to spend with children and family. It was well worth it to keep our contract with the cleaning services company to take care of our home chores even after we finished up the major projects at our jobs.


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