Why We Do Not See a Lot of TV Ads for Sydney Criminal Lawyers

If you committed a crime, would you prefer to serve the maximum or minimum sentence? What would you do if you were falsely accused of a serious crime? Would you throw yourself on the mercy of the court hoping they would get it right? I hope not, because there actually are innocent people in prison. How many news stories have you seen were someone is being released after years of incarceration because new evidence exonerates them? We see accident attorneys on TV all the time, but you do not see a lot of Sydney criminal lawyers making television commercials. I think there is a psychological reason for that.

If you hire an accident attorney, you are likely to be seen as the victim. People can think what they want about you going after a settlement, but their mindset is actually in your favor seeing you as a victim and not a perpetrator. However, if you are accused of a crime, your own friends and neighbors will have you in doubt. The first thing people think, even if they do not believe you are guilty of the specific crime you are being accused of, is that you must be a bad person to get accused in the first place. The mind works to wonder what circles you have been traveling in that would get you on the radar of law enforcement to even be accused in the first place. Sort of a guilt by association thing.

Then there are people who have been guilty in the past. Their friends, family and neighbors know they have committed a crime in the past whether they were caught or not. Then an accusation comes for a new crime. Should a person go to jail if they are not guilty of what they are being accused of even though they are guilty of a different crime they have not been accused of? Lots of people would say yes to that. Some would want to stick to the facts of law in punishing people only for what they are proven to be guilty of. Being accused makes you look guilty. The mindset is so established that people probably would not accept an inundation of TV ads for criminal attorneys even though they are okay seeing accident attorney ads.


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