Why Backing Up Data is So Important

Whether a person only uses computers to store things like personal photos and videos or your company relies on technology, the bottom line is that data can be almost as valuable as money itself. A photo from your son’s first birthday or research that has taken years to develop may be what keeps the Earth spinning, but anyone who loses data will be quick to admit that it can be devastating within their personal world. Of course, the pain and suffering caused by losing data can be avoided with backups, which is why this Linux backup server option is getting more and more praise and attention.

Benjamin Franklin once famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and while he did not stay around long enough to see a computer, it still applies to this scenario. Losing data can cost endless amounts of money to try and recover after the fact, and sometimes it is flat out impossible no matter what is done. If the data is irreplaceable then it can flat out be gone forever, unless a backup was set up before the loss occurred. Of course the hard part is that these losses are rarely predictable, so waiting for the situation to arise is simply not an option.

Whether data is lost through a tragic fire or something more specific like a hardware malfunction, if often strikes at the most inopportune times when nobody was ready. This is why continuous backup is so crucial to anyone who values their data, as it will ensure minimal work is lost even in the most unlikely bad scenarios. Of course affordability and reliability are also key, as the service has to be worth the money being invested. Fortunately these guys have found a balance between cost and efficiency, making it a great investment for a wide variety of customers.


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