We Took a Step Up in Living when We Found Some Buckhead Luxury Apartments

You can learn a lot about an apartment complex by how the common areas for the residents look. Plus, I can pick up on some things based on how the tour goes. An enthusiastic tour where the tour guide is really proud to show off things is a giveaway. We were online searching for Buckhead luxury apartments when the Overton Rise Apartments showed up in the results. I had not ever noticed it when we were out in the area, so I wanted to take a closer look. The grounds in the pictures looked great. The common areas looked brand new. I wondered what the inside of an available apartment would look like, so we scheduled a tour of the apartment complex.

We liked what we saw from the moment we drove up out front. The landscaping and the buildings looked great. This is a big giveaway as to what you can expect inside. If the outside looks shoddy, the inside of the apartments will be worse. This place was well groomed and very contemporary in its look. I was prepared to take a big whiff of the air when the tour guide opened the apartment door. I cannot stand stinky places. The hallways and common areas all smelled neutral. I was expecting to smell disinfectant cleaners, carpet shampoo or air fresheners when the apartment door was opened. Places do that to mask smells. However, the apartment just smelled new. I could detect that little bit of formaldehyde odor of new stuff like if you would get new carpeting or a new living room set.

The interior of the apartment was beautiful. The kitchen looked like a gourmet’s dream with its countertops and stainless steel appliances. My wife was thoroughly impressed, and so was I. It did not take much arm twisting to get us to sign a lease and move. This was definitely a step up in living for us.


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