We Finally Have an Apartment That Feels Like Home

We started looking for a new apartment to live in a few months before we actually moved. My wife and I were talking about the lease renewal on our old place coming up and how we did not want to be locked into another year there. We were asking about staying on a month by month basis, but the landlord said it was an annual lease or nothing. Well, that was his loss and our gain as we found a great place when we looked for new apartments in North San Antonio, Texas. What got me interested at the website for Woodbridge apartments was the hookups for a full size washer and dryer. I knew it would be a few months before we could afford a set, but just being able to have them inside the apartment was a huge selling point for me. I cannot tell you how much I despised laundromats and laundry rooms. I used to clean a laundromat when I was a teenager, and people can be disgusting.

Anyway, Woodbridge also has vaulted ceilings. I could touch the ceilings in our old place. Woodbridge Apartments also has two swimming pools and a whole lot more. The floors are faux wood in our apartment, but they look real. I think they are easier to keep clean than real wood, and they are quite durable. This is the first place we have lived since we got married that actually feels like home. We are great friends with our neighbors, and we feel like we are part of a community. Our neighbor across from us at the old place would not even speak to us when we said hello. The other folks were kind of cordial, but not really outgoing and friendly.

The community amenities include a hospitality bar for the apartments, and that is a nice feature. The outdoor spaces are beautifully landscaped. The entire place is up to our standards of cleanliness, and this is the first place where I am not ashamed to have my parents or in-laws stay over for a couple of days. Plus, we now have room for them. No one has to sleep on an air mattress.


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