Watching Streams with No Lag

I signed up for Internet access at in preparation for a big fighting game tournament. I attempt to watch the tournament every year, but in previous years, my Internet connection wasn’t fast enough to handle the stream. I would either have to watch the stream in the lowest quality, which was always grainy and hard to see, or watch it at a higher quality with constant lag and buffering. Sometimes I would miss out on the intense action of the tournament because of this, and I hated it.

Using my new Internet connection, I was able to watch the stream on the highest quality with no lag or buffering. I could watch multiple games being played at once and each one ran smoothly. On top of that, I could also do things that I would normally do on the Internet uninterrupted. I could check my email, make calls to my friends via VOIP, and even upload some files, all while watching the stream.

The tournament took place over 3 days and there were 8 games being played. Between all of the games, there were close to 8000 entry spots filled. Some people entered multiple games for a chance to win the grand prize from each one. The winner of the different games received a cash prize, along with a golden joystick. Second and third place received a similar prize, although with less money. If I were good enough at fighting games, I’d enter the tournament too.

As the days passed, the number of people watching the stream increased. There were over 200,000 people watching the stream on the final day. Watching the grand finals during last year’s stream with my old Internet connection was an eyesore. This time, everything was clear. I wanted to watch the final game on the big screen, so I watch the stream on my TV using a media box.


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