Vinyl Flooring is a Great Option for Pets

As a lifelong pet owner, there are a few things that I know as facts. No matter what you do, your pet will always see the best in you and never judge you and that they make a mess on any flooring you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, water, bumping into something, or the accident that a pet might have, no matter what the floor is going to get messy. I have had everything from vinyl flooring to carpets and can tell you that vinyl is the best weapon against pet messes.

My dog loves to play. She’s also a large lab with a strong wagging tail that likes to knock over everything from plants to cups filled with drinks. If there are people over, she is going to be overly excited and probably knock you and anything you are holding down. It used to be a huge issue, love her to death but when I had carpeting I spent most of my time cleaning after her. I would have rather been able to play with her and keep her focused. This is when I decided to change to vinyl flooring. My friend had a similar dog and raved about how easy clean up was. So I invested in some vinyl that had a wooden floor look. When I tell you that it looked real and no one knew it wasn’t a real hardwood floor, I am telling you that it looked so real.

My dog loved the floor. She loved the way it make her little toes click clack against and she’d get so excited she’d do a little tap dance show for me when I’d come home. She’s knock things over and all I had to do was get a paper towel or mop and quickly clean the mess. Her tail was no match the floor either, she’d knock things over all the time but it was a sweep away from being clean again. This gave me more time to play with her and less time cleaning up after her.


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