The Second Bedroom is Our Home Office

My husband and I are both go getters. We graduated at the top of our classes, and we have already started a quick climb up the corporate ladders in our respective companies. When a headhunter for a company in College Park gave both of us an offer that was just too good to pass up, we knew that we were going to move there and see if the gamble pays off, which we both think it will. I took care of looking at College Park GA apartments so we could move in before we had to start working while he worked on figuring out how to break our lease without it costing us a lot of money, which he did!

I also succeeded in my own search because I found the perfect place for us to live. The Pad is a new apartment complex, and it is exactly the kind of place where we both want to live. They have so many different things that are so appealing to us. The first is the location. It is a quick train ride away from our new work place, and there are even days where we will be able to work from home.

That is why we wanted a two bedroom apartment. We only need one bedroom for us, but we wanted the second room to convert into a home office. We also had our choice of one or two bathrooms, and we decided on two. Actually, my husband decided on two, because he said he wanted his own away from all my girly stuff. Hey, that works for me since it means I get my own too. This move has been such a blessing for us in so many ways. We make more money, we are reaching our goals quicker, we get to live in a luxury apartment, and we get to spend more time together!


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