The Gaps in Human Health

With every seasonal change comes a plethora of sicknesses that will interfere with our ability to work or go about our day to day activities while leaving us feeling miserable, weak and unhappy. Nobody enjoys being sick which is why, when I heard about long zhong tang tcm clinic in Singapore, I decided to give them a visit rather than the GP I had been visiting on such occasions. As of late I have been growing more concerned about my health in general which has lead to me look into a lot of alterantive sources of health. While I have nothing against what we know as the modern practice of health, it does very little in the sense of helping you understand your bodily or nutritional health and offers almost no guidelines in which you should follow to develop an equilibrium within you. I found that ancient Chinese methods to be interesting, with a whole regimen that is suggested to help maintain that healthy inner well-being.

I find it concerning that we don’t have anything like a general guideline to follow for human health. There are only suggestions based on very little research – we have a serious lack of understanding when it comes to how nutrition plays a part in our health. It is certainly a growing field of research but there are huge gaps that are missing between the food and how our bodies process that food. This is why I find Traditional Chinese Medicine to be so fascinating as the vast majority of it is based around food, teas and exercise. There are other ancient medical philosophies that concern themselves with these same principles, expounding upon the importance of a healthy diet and healthy living, describing which foods, herbs and spices can be found to help enhance your health.


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