Stopping My Early Hair Loss from Getting Any Worse

I was going bald at 20. Not something I expected, and definitely not something I desired for myself. I never bothered to ask when my dad or grandfathers began to lose their hair. I started to notice a little recession of my hairline at 18, but I ignored it. Now at 20 it was pronounced. I went to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore to see what could be done to correct the problem. I did not even know that there were different types of medical diagnoses for hair loss. Fortunately, mine was partially treatable through medications.

Through the medication and other therapies I now have a full head of natural hair again. It is something I will have to manage as time goes on, but it sure is nice to have all those shiny spots on my head filled back in with my own natural dark hair. For a long time I was covering it up with just a baseball cap. I was embarrassed about how I looked. I have a brother who is now 22 and he barely has any hair that will grow. He shaves his head bald and does not let any growth happen. He says he likes his look. I would rather have the hair. I’m sure he would too, but he has just found another way of coping with the baldness that runs in our family.

I enjoy it when my wife runs her fingers through my hair. It is an incredible feeling. I do not want to give that up, so I make sure I keep up on what I need to in order to keep my hair on my head. My dad was encouraged to also go to the aesthetic medical clinic to see if they could help him with his hair loss. His was not as bad as mine, and he now has his hairline back.


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