Some of the Oldest Archeological Finds

Kyongju is rich in Korean history and archaeological sites such as the ...Believe it or not, my love for Peruvian archeology came about because of the film, Jurassic Park. That is not as much of a stretch as it may seem to be. I loved dinosaurs, but they quickly took a backseat once I saw how archeology played a major role in what we know about them. From that point forward, I knew that I wanted to know as much as I could about archeology. The more I studied, the more aware I became that Peru is steeped in archeological history and finds. As I read about some of the oldest architectural finds in known history, I became more enthralled.

I had already majored in business management by this time but that didn’t stop me from taking a class on Peruvian archeology when it became available online. I learned about the history of the entire region as well as some of the more memorable finds. Entire societies were discovered through various digs. While not a lot is known about those cultures, archeologists are still able to study these finds and learn a bit about how they survived.

One of my favorite finds is the Tucume Pyramids. These were found near the La Raya Mountain and have been dated back to nearly 1,000 years. Unlike some of the societies that have been uncovered, there has been a lot of history revealed with this particular find. We would not know anything about these ancient civilizations without the archeological efforts, since some have been discovered that bear no mention in any history books.

My dream is to go to Peru and see some of these sites in person. For now, I have to be content to read about the finds on the Internet and catch the occasional exhibit at one of the local museums. I am content with that, because with each dig, new information is discovered!


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