Nothing Like Doing a Little Spring Cleaning

I needed some help with Spring cleaning in Singapore seeing as how I’d moved in with my mother because of her health issues and quickly resolved that she’d really let the place go in the last few years. It’s not surprising the apartment looked so dirty considering she has really bad arthritis. I doubt anything had been dusted in a few years. Moreover, the kitchen really needed some heavy duty work. I would have done it myself, but I have my hands full with a full time job as well as taking care of her in my spare time.

I went online to find a company that specialized in doing a full blown Spring cleaning. I imagined it wouldn’t be much different than a regular cleaning, actually, but maybe they have specials or something. Maybe they do additional tasks that they normally wouldn’t do during the other times of the year as well. I soon discovered an excellent company that does all types of cleaning tasks in a number of different environments. They’ll clean a business or a home. I liked how they listed the types of things they wouldn’t do right up front. It’s nice to know what you’re getting into.

They came out and went through the apartment with a check list and made notes of areas they thought would need a bit more elbow grease. They looked and acted very professional. I decided I could trust them and took my mother out for a meal and a shopping excursion while they did the job. When we got back it was like walking into an entirely different place! Those layers of dust were gone, and the kitchen looked like something you would see in a home improvement showroom. We walked around on eggshells because we didn’t want to dirty anything up! They did a marvelous job!


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