Making My Phone Look Like a Winner

Since last year, one online game has become popular with many people, both those who play video games and those who don’t. The game has been able to attract fans who admire the game for how fun it is, and for how creative and well designed the characters look. There is one female character that has a mech suit that is really popular. I love her look and wanted to get a DVA phone case with her on it. A lot of the cases on the typical online stores are a bit boring for my tastes. They always stress rugged looks that are more made with taking a lot of damage and being used by guys who do a lot of extreme activities.

There is one store that has a ton of merchandise based on the video game character, from sweaters and pillows to phone cases. They even had multiple varieties of cases for different phone types. Sometimes I’ll only see phone cases that are made for iPhone and not Android phones like what I have. Although some say that they can fit both kinds of phones, usually this claim is false and I find myself trying to stretch an iPhone case around my Android phone, which doesn’t always work out too well.

The case I bought from the website has the character and a cute bunny version of her mech suit. When people see it, they instantly realize where the character is from. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of video games, but I do love to play this particular game using that character. She has such cool moves and I have a good time beating the other players while using her. I’m even better than some of the boys at my school who play the game more than I do.


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