Live the Life You Have Always Wanted

Living in California has always been a dream of mine. I grew up in Illinois, a land lock state. The only time I ever got to go to the beach was when my parents would take me to Florida once a year. But I always dreamt of living in California near the ocean. So after my parents split up, my mother and I decided to live the dream and move to California. We needed to find a nice apartment. I did a internet search for oceanside luxury apartments .

My mother and I had some very specific needs since we would be sharing the apartment. My mother doesn’t work, so she would want a nice safe place near the beach, so if she wanted to walk to the beach daily she could. I wanted to make sure the bedrooms were large, so we would be able to fit all of our bedroom furniture. We decided on a large three bedroom would fit best for us. My mother also wanted a large kitchen because she loves to bake a lot on the Holidays.

When I found your website I was so excited to show my mother. I ran home to show her. Your website had tons of pictures and information about the apartment. We were able to setup an appointment to see a three bedroom apartment. When we got there, we fell in love with everything about the apartment complex. We decided to rent one right away. Thankfully we were able to move in right away. That was three months ago, and we are loving the laid back California life style. We had done all of the fun tourist things to do and we have even seen a few celebrities. It has truly been a dream come true for both me and my mother.


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