Improving My Golf Game Takes a Lot of Practice and a Little Bit of Golf Club Tech

Our son is into video gaming. He has worked delivering newspapers and cutting grass to build a PC gaming system that is unsurpassed. All of my disposable income goes into golf. It is what I like to do. My wife plays tennis, and I golf. Our son and my wife both golf a little, and they are not bad at it. I try as hard as I can to just reach the level of mediocrity at the game. I have such a hard time chipping shots from the rough that I searched for the best golf chipper I could find.

I have taken lessons and practiced my swing to no end. I even had everything from the drive to the putt analyzed by cameras and computer algorithms that, supposedly, would help me identify what I am doing wrong. Well, I suppose the analyses did tell me what I am doing wrong, but correcting it is easier said than done. When I asked a friend what I was doing wrong with my chip shots, he said “golfing.” It took a second, but I got it. He told me that everyone has some trouble spot in the game they need to work on. He has trouble not choking when hitting over water, and he has plunked quite a few Titleists into the drink.

I must admit that it does gripe me a bit when my wife and son get the same score or better than me even though they only golf on occasion. I practice all the time and still have issues. However, I must say that taking the time to search for the best golf chipper has helped my game. I am a lot more accurate now coming in from the rough and getting up to the flag. It was money well spent to improve my game.


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