I Set Up Safety Barriers on Flat Rooftops and Have No Fear of Heights

I have always liked skyscrapers. My parents have taken my sister and I to visit some of the tallest buildings in the world ever since I got an interest as a child. I have visited buildings with glass-floored balconies and have been happy to walk right out on them while my parents and even my brave sister hesitated. They have one like that at the Grand Canyon now. I work in high places, and I plan safe areas for workers to walk and erect wind resistant roof safety barrier systems. I have painted bridges and water towers and go rock climbing pretty much every weekend.

I used to get that little rush when approaching the edge of a cliff or building, but I never had that woozy feeling that I was going to lose my balance when I looked over the edge of a high place. I guess that is why I can walk on a girder a thousand feet in the air the same as I can walk on a flat sidewalk. I like it on top of a tall building. I can feel them swaying in the winds. On a stormy day is best. The wind resistant roof safety barrier systems I put up stay in place even when the weather is bad. No more grid tiles flying away or upright posts being knocked over. The barrier systems are not made to stop a person from going beyond their lines, they are just there to mark a boundary and keep you on a set path across a roof surface where it is safe to walk. You do not want them moving in the wind.

I do not know where my desire to be up in high places comes from. No one else in my family can really stand it. I am completely comfortable no matter if it is jumping out of a plane or looking over the edge of a skyscraper.


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