I Hope We Get to Move to This Place Soon

When my husband received word that there was a job opening in a city two hours away from where we were living, he called me immediately to see if I would be up for relocating. I told him that I thought I might, but asked if we could please discuss it more when he got home that night. After that call, I was curious about the city he told me about, so I started looking at Lincolnshire apartments immediately after our call because I wanted to know if I would like the area.

I had no idea what the are was like, but had heard the name mentioned many times. I figured that had to be a good thing. No one ever talks about places that are entirely forgettable, right? Where I live is older and there is very little foliage, but the town where my husband was interested in working is full of lush trees and colors of nature. I thrive on having beauty around me, and had not felt like my surroundings were beautiful in all my time here. I would welcome moving to a new city that was much prettier and happier looking.

The apartments in the area just blew me away. I knew the location of my husband’s branch office, so I looked at places to live nearby. They looked like apartment buildings should look, rather than old and run down like most of the places in my area. I noticed immediately that each of the places have nice swimming pools, too. That is something that our kids would absolutely love. And I would not mind sitting by the pool and reading while the kids swim. As soon as my husband came home, I surprised him by telling him that I had been giving the job opportunity a lot of thought and that I was ready for him to apply for the position!


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