I Have to Find a New Apartment

I had to buy the newspaper this morning to read about what happened to my roommate. The guy had been missing for a couple of days, which was not that great of a surprise. He loves to party and from time to time he takes it too far. At any rate he got into a drunken bar fight over some other guy’s girlfriend and then when the police came he did not exactly follow directions. At any rate he is looking for someone to help him with bail and I need to look for Rio Rancho apartments. If he is not working and earning the money to make his half of the rent, then I have to figure out what else to do. In fact my name is not on the lease and the landlord does not care about me giving him half of the rent, unless I give it all to them they are going to start figuring out how to get me out of here.

In fact I could probably live here for free for a couple of months. It is not really that easy to evict a person from what I hear. This month I am not going to pay my half of the rent, because it does me not a bit of good. I figure that I probably have at least a couple more weeks before they come and throw me out of the place. I am trying to figure out what to do about Jack’s stuff. He does not have any family here and he needs money. Of course it is pretty difficult for me to sell his stuff, but I figure that I can move it into a storage locker. It looks like he is going to be in jail for a good bit unless he gets the money.


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