I Had a Really Long Day

The ladies decided that I needed to look good for my first show, so they sent me to get my hair done. First they spent about half an hour arguing with one another about how they wanted to have it done. I did not like it that much, but they did not really ask me to go along with the decision they made. After that they all went to a manicure service in Singapore and they got their nails done, they even made me do it while they teased me. Of course they had a terrible time with the last guy and they think I am really going to turn the band around. It is not so sure to me that this is within the realm of the possible. All of these other guys are only interested in chasing the three girls who rule this band. The drummer is the biggest problem, the guy simply is not good enough.

The girls know this, but he is actually the boyfriend of the one that calls herself Kitten on the stage. She knows the guy is not good enough and since she claims to be serious about this she says that she is going to get rid of him when it is right. I can fix the other problems I think, but this is important. The drummer and the bass player are the beating heart of a band, and obviously without a beating heart you are dead. We have a good keyboard player and a good enough horn player, a guy who does saxophone and trumpet really well. In fact I can do all that and I play guitar. The bass player probably is not good either, but he is at least working and he is so young that it seems like I can teach him all that he needs to know.


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