I Got Lucky in Life when It Came to Work and Happiness

I had been working at a clothing store for about 3 years when the manager pulled me aside one day and told me that she was leaving, and she was promoting me to her management position. I was elated! After I had been in the position for awhile, I knew that I should be looking into the apartments near Cumberland Mall where I worked to make my commute easier. I had been living about a 30-minute drive away from work, and it was never fun to lose an hour a day commuting back and forth. I found the perfect place, and I have been here for three years now.

I never thought that I would even be a manager at the store that I’ve been working at for so long. I originally just worked there to help put myself through school. But I ended up not finishing school, so I started working at the store full-time. I hadn’t planned on going for a management position because my boss was the main manager for so long. I guess I was just existing and not really thinking of my future. But despite that, I still worked hard and put in a lot of hours. I guess that’s what my boss saw in me.

I really enjoy coming in to the store every day to start my day. After 5 years as the manager, I haven’t tired of it. It’s a pretty stress-free job, and I get paid really well. I have friends who got their degrees and are making $60,000 per year, but they are so stressed from work all the time. I didn’t finish college, get paid a little more than they do, and I’m happy every day at work. A good part of that is luck. I imagine I’ll stay here as long as I can.


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