I Found the Best Place to Live

I knew that I was going to have to go to the official website for Parc Life if I wanted to see the Parc Life price list for each individual unit. There are quite a few different sizes and kinds there, and I wanted to look at the prices of each one before I made a decision on the one that I wanted to have. There is only one type of two bedroom unit as well as the five bedroom unit. For the four bedrooms one, people can choose between two different types of units.

The three bedroom units is where there are really a lot of different choices. There are three different styles, including the Viva, the Verandah, and the Vista. With the Vista, there are two different types of floor plans available. It does not stop there though. There are also 105 units that have three bedrooms plus a universal room. This can be used for pretty much anything. Some may use it for a fourth bedroom while others opt to have it as a nursery. Still yet, others may think this space is best used as an office, a library, a sewing room, or a number of other things.

I definitely wanted a three bedroom unit, and I like the idea of having that universal room. I had my choice between a Verandah style or a Vista style. Both have over 1100 square feet of space, so it is just the design of the layout that is different for each one. I ended up choosing the Vista because I like the idea of the kitchen and dining areas being extended out onto the balcony. Add everything that is spectacular about the apartment to the features that are available to everyone living here, including the spa and sports one, and this really is the ideal place to live.


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