I Found a New Girlfriend

I was really surprised that I was able to get this girl, she is a really beautiful girl and I was sure that she would be able to find a better option than me. In fact she is one of the sales agents at a place called Seaside Residences condo towers. She gave me the tour the other day when I brought lunch to her, that was quite impressive. She pretended that I was rich enough to afford one of the really nice places and showed me the penthouse display unit. Of course I do not think this fooled anyone, but I was pretty excited. It felt like some sort of fantasy to be that rich and of course she was extra flirty because it was me. These are some really huge buildings, there are two of them and in all she told me that there were around 850 condos in them. I was really excited, but she was only teasing the entire time.

Of course I have to figure out how to keep this girl now and that may be pretty tough. She is gorgeous and smart and she has the means to earn plenty of money on her own. In fact the more that she sells the better she does in her job and she is the top dog at this place from what I can tell. In fact she stunned me the first time that I went out with her. She picked up the check at the place where we ate. That is not something that ever happens, a girl usually expects the guy to pay for every little thing when she goes out on a date. Of course I did not think that it was a good sign for my chances to be honest about it.


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