I Am Trying to Eat Better

At first I was trying to just go with one of those meal replacement plans, if you want reviews for ideal shakes then I could give that to you. In essence I found them boring and although I suppose that they have their merits, but it is not at all like having a real meal. The ideal is that you give up one meal per day and then you have to do the rest yourself. I was really dedicated to the idea for a couple of weeks. In fact I would eat breakfast normally, then I would have one of the shakes instead of lunch. When I got home I would try to eat a light meal. For example I would make a salad for supper, although some of the time I really doubt that they were extremely low in calories. For example if you load a salad down with heavy dressing it is going to have a lot of calories and you are no better off. It is like a baked potato, the calories are fine so long as it is not coated with toppings.

At any rate I have been having trouble with the weather for the past couple of weeks. I need to work out a lot in order to burn calories, but instead the rain has kept me indoors and I have not had a back up plan. I am looking to clear out some space and get something like an exercise bike. I figure that would be the best thing, since you know pretty much how much room it is going to need and you can eliminate a lot of the stress on the body. I know that running seems to make my knees a lot sorer than riding a bike does and that makes it hard to work out regularly.


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