I Am Living in Canada Now

I have been studying the question for a few days, ever since I got up here to Canada and realized that my Netflix USA account does not seem to work up here in the Great White North. I have been transferred to the Toronto area, in fact I kind of like it here and I think that I shall eventually get all of the problems with the move sorted out. It is going to be pretty comfortable here once I get a few things fixed up. In fact I found a nice apartment within walking distance of my office and it is pretty cheap compared to what I was thinking that it would cost me to rent a place like this. It is not very big, but that is quite fine with me. I am only one person and I do not have a lot of things with me. I gave away some of the things I did not need, threw away some stuff that was not worth moving and I only took what I really needed with me. That really makes it a lot easier for me to keep the place neat and tidy. I do not need a big place with a lot of clutter in it, which is obviously not very appealing if you have guests. In fact I have already met a great many very attractive ladies up here. Most of them work at the office and we are not supposed to date other people at work. I am not quite sure that I am going to let that deter me in at least one case. There is a girl who is pretty much at the same level as I am in management. She is very attractive and she seems to be flirting with me, so I feel it’s only right to respond.


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