I Already Know Which Condo is My Next One

I love looking at condos. I already live in one, but my lease is going to be up in a couple of years, and I am seriously thinking about investing in one on my own instead of just renting one off of someone. I have been looking at The New Launch Collections website because it is the most detailed about all the new developments. I don’t want to waste my time by looking up each site and going there when I can just come here to this website and have all the information in one spot.

That is how I found the Whitley Residences, and the condos here are by far the nicest I have seen. Admittedly, I am a huge fan of water. I would love to have a swimming pool right inside my condo! Since that is next to impossible, these condos at Whitley Residences are the next best thing. At every other condo that I have looked at, a person has to leave their condo and walk to the pool area. That is not the case here at Whitley though. People just have to go out on their patios, and the pool is right there.

There are ladders going off every patio right into the water. Some of the pools are shared only by a few condos, while others are shared by many. It doesn’t really matter though because it is such a neat feature for any condo to have. I love the idea that I can relax on my patio and jump in the pool and swim at any time. I can also swim to someone else’s patio and visit a while once I meet some new friends there. This is only one of the features here. The condos are designed for maximum comfort as well, and I just think it is the best development I’ve seen so far! Unless something better comes out within the next couple of years, this is going to my next home.


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