How to Make a Great Relationship Work

I’ve been without any sort of cable or satellite for years now. Before last week I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the last time that I had either. All that came to an end after my girlfriend discovered the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket where she turned to me and firmly told me that we were getting satellite. That was that. I know better than to argue with her about such things – it was her turn to pick an investment for the home. It’s definitely not something I would have picked myself but hey, she’s paying the bill!

That’s how our relationship operates, anyways. We take turns on choosing something that we want and if we both agree on it, we can either pay half or pay the full amount for the next bill. I see my paying half pretty soon just because of how much I am absolutely loving this free trial of HBO. This is the first time that I’ve seen Game of Thrones and as a fan of the books, I’m sold. Too bad I can’t get into sports as much as she does but if it makes her happy for me to sit around with her and watch football, I do it.

Of course I make her do the same for me. I love anything genre or nerd related so there is a whole lot of anime, fantasy and YouTube watching in our house. Sometimes I still can’t believe that she and I are so great together! I guess it’s true about what they say opposites attracting. We have a lot in common but there are enough differences between us that it makes the relationship entertaining. Usually I’ve dated people who were very much like myself so this has been a nice chance of pace.


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