He Got My Son to Place at the Top of the Class

Thanks to Physics tuition for getting my son to the top of his class! After agonizing with him through the first few weeks of his class, I would have never believed it possible that he would end up with the honor of having one of the highest grades on the final exam. I fancy myself somewhat of a Physics wunderkind, but I couldn’t explain the material to him in a way that he could understand it. He worked his heart out over his text book, but just couldn’t make heads or tails of the material.

That’s when I decided to call in the professionals. Surely there must be someone here who knows this material and can teach it in a way that anyone could understand it. Sometimes all it takes is the right teacher to explain the material. Being able to understand Physics seems to be something you are just born with, but to be able to teach it to others and make them understand it well is truly a gift. We needed to find that person, and find them fast. With the days on the academic calendar slipping away, I did some research online and found that person.

This guy really knows his stuff. Even better, he knows how the schools around here teach the material and how they test on it. He doesn’t even teach to the test, to his credit, but starts out slowly and engages his pupils in the topic in a way that they want to push further and learn more. It was truly astonishing to see my son want to learn. He looked forward to the sessions and couldn’t wait to show off his knowledge to anyone who would listen. That’s the sign of an excellent tutor and I’m not surprised at all that my son finished at the top of his class.


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