Great Location for Those with Children

My husband and I looked into Tampa Florida apartments recently because we were both unsatisfied with the local school our children attended. We have twins and they both recently started kindergarten and right from the start we locked heads with the teacher and the administrators running the school. We had some issues with the curriculum and the school wasn’t responsive to our requests. I thought about homeschooling the kids, but as of right now we need to have two incomes in order to get by. That meant we needed to find a new place to live near a private school.

We picked out the school we wanted our kids to attend, and the school actually wanted them to attend, but that left us with a very long commute across town to get them there. That meant we needed to find an apartment nearby. Neither of us had a problem with moving, and our parents were willing to help us out if the rent was a bit higher than what we currently paid. So we went online and looked at every apartment complex within a ten mile radius of the school. We soon found exactly what we were looking for in an apartment.

Not only is the complex near the school, it’s also near a lot of other important places such as restaurants, shopping areas, and even a big park. When we went in for a visit, both of us were a bit in awe of the place. It’s obvious that the management take great care of the facility. It’s also obvious the people living there are a step up from the people we’re used to interacting with on a daily basis. I had my mother come over and take a look with us and she enthusiastically encouraged us to sign a rental contract. We can’t wait to start living here!


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