Getting Ready for Work in the Morning Does Not Have to Be Hard

I hear complaints around the office, especially in the break room. Girls are always talking about what they have to do to get ready in the morning. They talk about getting up at four in the morning to get showered, get their makeup done and get their hair ready to walk out the door. I do not and will not have that problem. I mean they talk about choosing clothes as if their lives depended on it. I wear minimal makeup, and I put my clothes out the night before. I have a curly weave hairstyle that is easy to maintain. I do visit the hairstylist about once every two weeks for a touch up. Sometimes I go once every three weeks. They are just down the street and take walk-ins, so no problems there.

There is no way I am getting up at four to get ready for work at eight. I show up at the office a little early every day. The prepper girls who have all the getting ready issues are sometimes late. They come in sucking on a coffee like it is a blood transfusion. I’m already in the swing of things by the time they get here. Planning before you have to do something makes the difference. At least I think it does. I think the difference with me is that I work out the easiest system to do the things I want and to have the look I want.

I get compliments on my hair and work wardrobe all of the time. I do not spend a fortune on it. In fact, I shop at discount clothing stores. My hair is ready in about 10 minutes in the morning. It takes the longest, but it also looks fresh and youthful every single day. I think maybe some of my office coworkers might be burning too much midnight oil socializing in person or online. I make sure to get the rest I need. Therefore I do not need any extra makeup to cover up bags under my eyes.


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