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Watching Streams with No Lag

Posted in Uncategorized on July 24th, 2015

I signed up for Internet access at in preparation for a big fighting game tournament. I attempt to watch the tournament every year, but in previous years, my Internet connection wasn’t fast enough to handle the stream. I would either have to watch the stream in the lowest quality, which was always grainy and hard to see, or watch it at a higher quality with constant lag and buffering. Sometimes I would miss out on the intense action of the tournament because of this, and I hated it.

Using my new Internet connection, I was able to watch the stream on the highest quality with no lag or buffering. I could watch multiple games being played at once and each one ran smoothly. On top of that, I could also do things that I would normally do on the Internet uninterrupted. I could check my email, make calls to my friends via VOIP, and even upload some files, all while watching the stream.

The tournament took place over 3 days and there were 8 games being played. Read the rest of this entry »