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Bandar99 – One of the Best Trusted Gambling Sites Lists

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15th, 2020

More and more online gamblers are becoming safety-conscious and concerned about the security of their gambling experience. With the thousands of sites on the market today, finding a safe, trusted one is certainly feasible but is in fact a process which takes quite a bit of time and effort from the user, dedicated to performing the research and necessary due-diligence. However, there is a short, hassle-free route which can ease the process for the average user, namely trusted sites gambling sites lists such as Bandar99. This type of list-sites act as aggregators for the best online gaming sites out there, providing users with the necessary information for making the right choice about their gambling venue.

We shall take the example above of Bandar99 to explain the benefits of such lists for the consumer of such services. A lot of factors are considered before putting a new site onto a trusted sites list, such as reliability, trustworthiness and user experience.

While trustworthiness and reliability do not need any explanation, user experience is a bit different as, in its turn, consists of quite a few factors which can either make it or break it. Imagine the user has either deposited some funds or has requested a withdrawal and now has to wait forever for the payment to go through. This will certainly not fly with sites on the above mentioned list as they only allow the ones which work with some of the largest and most efficient local and international banks to make the payment process as smooth and as efficient as possible, with payment processing times below 24 hours. Imagine a user having a bit of trouble with using particular site feature or playing a particular game and finding that he has no one to turn to for immediate support. This will also not fly for sites listed there as they only allow sites providing professional, 24 hours a day online support service to their users. As a matter of fact, as a statement for their enforcement of this rule, even Bandar99 provides online support ready to assist with even the tiniest of issues their users might encounter.


A Night We Will All Remember

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15th, 2020

When my boss asked me to hire corporate entertainment for his wife’s parents’ anniversary, I thought it was going to be a small affair. He gave me all the information I would need though, and it did not take long to figure out that this was going to be a huge party that people would not soon forget. They were celebrating their 50th anniversary. I had met both of them many times at work when they would visit with their daughter, and it was actually hard to believe that they were old enough to have been married for 50 years!

My boss had told me pretty much what he wanted, which was perfect. I did not want to have to plan the entire party out, but I did not mind hiring the different vendors to make sure his in-laws had the best night ever. There were close to 150 people that were to be invited, and I was happy that my name was on the list, especially after I hired the entertainment that my boss wanted. He knew that his father-in-law was enchanted with magicians, so I was able to hire two that would go from table to table to entertain the guests in small groups.

He also wanted an oldies band there since that was the era where they had met and fallen in love. They got older, but their taste in music stayed there in the 60′s. I was able to hire a band that played all the songs that they would enjoy, and I even managed to get some dancers in that would remind them of their own youthful dances. It was a magnificent party, and I am so happy that he wanted me to help him with it. I threw in a few touches I knew they would all enjoy, and it was definitely a night we will all remember!


I Found a Place Close to the Base

Posted in Uncategorized on August 11th, 2019

The place is really small, but then again I am just one person and I am thinking that I should be able to find someone to rent the extra room if I really wanted to do it. I did have to get adt in San Diego to come in and put in a simple system for home security. I have been talking to some of the neighbors and they tell me that there are occasional break ins in the area. It seems from what they say that it is kids doing it, for example they seem to figure out when people are not at home and then they will hold a party in it. I suspect that these kids would be easily deterred and that if they knew you had an alarm. Read the rest of this entry »


A Proposal at Parc Esta

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22nd, 2019

My girlfriend and I had been dating for a couple of years, and I finally felt that I was ready to pop the question to her. I thought about how to go through with it for months, and came up with the perfect scenario. Rather than doing something that was crazy and too elaborate, I decided to just keep it simple and let my words do all of the work. I invited my girlfriend over for dinner at my place at Parc Esta. I saw a recipe for a delicious roast on television that I wanted to try out.

Since my girlfriend had no idea that I was going to propose to her, neither of us was wearing anything fancy for the dinner. It looked just like we were having a regular night of dinner together. I knew that by the end of the night, she would be completely surprised by my proposal. It took everything I had to keep from spilling the beans before it was the right moment. She really loved the roast that I made for dinner, and she especially loved the pie that was for dessert.

At the end of the movie is when I made my move. I started talking and then got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, and before I could even finish asking the question, my girlfriend said yes. She shouted so loudly that everyone else in the complex probably was able to hear her. That was the easy part of the whole thing, but now comes the hard part of actually planning a wedding. My girlfriend says that she wants to have a more simple wedding, but it remains to be seen if she keeps to this idea or starts adding things that won’t make it so simple.


Nothing Like Doing a Little Spring Cleaning

Posted in Uncategorized on May 2nd, 2018

I needed some help with Spring cleaning in Singapore seeing as how I’d moved in with my mother because of her health issues and quickly resolved that she’d really let the place go in the last few years. It’s not surprising the apartment looked so dirty considering she has really bad arthritis. I doubt anything had been dusted in a few years. Moreover, the kitchen really needed some heavy duty work. I would have done it myself, but I have my hands full with a full time job as well as taking care of her in my spare time.

I went online to find a company that specialized in doing a full blown Spring cleaning. Read the rest of this entry »


He Got My Son to Place at the Top of the Class

Posted in Uncategorized on April 11th, 2018

Thanks to Physics tuition for getting my son to the top of his class! After agonizing with him through the first few weeks of his class, I would have never believed it possible that he would end up with the honor of having one of the highest grades on the final exam. I fancy myself somewhat of a Physics wunderkind, but I couldn’t explain the material to him in a way that he could understand it. He worked his heart out over his text book, but just couldn’t make heads or tails of the material.

That’s when I decided to call in the professionals. Read the rest of this entry »


You Must Learn to Delegate and Find the Right Team of People to Work for You

Posted in Uncategorized on February 4th, 2018

A buddy of mine was the owner of an apartment building for many years. He’s made a good living with it. When he decided to put the building up for sale, I immediately purchased it. I didn’t want to handle all the work by myself, so I hired a part time cleaner in Singapore to help keep everything looking good. I also hired someone to do the bookkeeping, too. The friend who I bought the building from handled these things by himself. It’s not a very large building with a lot of units, so it doesn’t demand a big staff. However, I also knew that he decided to sell the building because he felt burned out, and handling everything alone got to be too much for him over the years.

My dad taught me long ago that delegating is really important. People often feel that they are the only person who can do something correctly, so they take on too much. This is how people end up taking on too much and making a lot of mistakes that can ruin a business or cause burnout. You need to do your research and work with people who are good workers that have a good work ethic. If you hire someone who doesn’t do a good job, fire them, move on and hire someone better. It’s that easy.

The person I hired on as a part time helper has been really good to me. He is very punctual. He does a thorough job. He is enjoyable to work with. The woman who does my bookkeeping is also very punctual, and she rarely makes a mistake. Between the three of us, work has been nice on a daily basis. We all care about what we do, and that means a lot in the work world.


Purchasing a Condo for Our Music Venue

Posted in Uncategorized on January 24th, 2018

I work for a booking agent in Singapore. We book musicians from all over the world to perform at our venue. One thing we do differently for the acts we book is we pay for their transportation and lodging. Over the course of time, the costs for lodging have significantly added up. We decided to look into the possibility of purchasing a condo for musicians to use when they are here. I’ve been assigned the task of finding such a place. After hours of searching the internet, I stumbled upon the following website: This website features brand new modern condos that are only about 8 blocks from the venue that we use. Read the rest of this entry »


My Daughter Surpassed Her Fellow Students

Posted in Uncategorized on January 10th, 2018

My daughter was having trouble with some sciences, and I knew that we had to do something about this in order for her to get into the university that she wanted. While science was not her desired area of study, she still had to do better than what she was in order to get admitted. The university wants well rounded students regardless of their area of study, so I knew that we were going to have to look into Singapore physics tuition to see if we would be able to afford to have a tutor help her.

I had never looked into this before as she has always done so well in all of her subjects. It was not until she saw the exam that would help her get into the university that she saw she would need to brush up on her physics. That was the only area where there was some struggle. Read the rest of this entry »


I Am Trying to Eat Better

Posted in Uncategorized on December 5th, 2017

At first I was trying to just go with one of those meal replacement plans, if you want reviews for ideal shakes then I could give that to you. In essence I found them boring and although I suppose that they have their merits, but it is not at all like having a real meal. The ideal is that you give up one meal per day and then you have to do the rest yourself. I was really dedicated to the idea for a couple of weeks. In fact I would eat breakfast normally, then I would have one of the shakes instead of lunch. When I got home I would try to eat a light meal. For example I would make a salad for supper, although some of the time I really doubt that they were extremely low in calories. Read the rest of this entry »


I Had a Really Long Day

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20th, 2017

The ladies decided that I needed to look good for my first show, so they sent me to get my hair done. First they spent about half an hour arguing with one another about how they wanted to have it done. I did not like it that much, but they did not really ask me to go along with the decision they made. After that they all went to a manicure service in Singapore and they got their nails done, they even made me do it while they teased me. Of course they had a terrible time with the last guy and they think I am really going to turn the band around. Read the rest of this entry »


Chiropractic Care is Preventative Medicine

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14th, 2017

I was not sure if I really needed to see a chiropractor, but I went along with it just to keep peace in the family. My daughter had been after me for years to see one of the chiropractors in Santa Maria, but I kept saying no. There was just no reason for me to see a doctor like that when I had no back pain at all. She tried to tell me that it is a great preventative resource, but I am nothing if not stubborn. If I am not hurting, I am not going to go and try to stop future pains from coming. It just made no sense to me.

Well, those years of saying no finally caught up to me. Read the rest of this entry »


Stopping My Early Hair Loss from Getting Any Worse

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4th, 2017

I was going bald at 20. Not something I expected, and definitely not something I desired for myself. I never bothered to ask when my dad or grandfathers began to lose their hair. I started to notice a little recession of my hairline at 18, but I ignored it. Now at 20 it was pronounced. I went to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore to see what could be done to correct the problem. I did not even know that there were different types of medical diagnoses for hair loss. Fortunately, mine was partially treatable through medications.

Through the medication and other therapies I now have a full head of natural hair again. Read the rest of this entry »


A Chiropractor Has Changed My Life

Posted in Uncategorized on November 2nd, 2017

When you get migraines as much as I used to get them, you learn the different tricks and tips that will help you get through one. That does not take the pain away at all, but it does allow me to experience the least amount of pain as possible, which is still pretty bad. I was so tired of my migraines, and I had no idea why I had to experience these painful headaches. My doctor did not have that answer for me, but he did suggest that I see a Santa Barbara chiropractor to see if I would be able to find any relief through that sort of treatment.

I was not too optimistic because nothing else seemed to work. Read the rest of this entry »


I Found the Best Place to Live

Posted in Uncategorized on October 7th, 2017

I knew that I was going to have to go to the official website for Parc Life if I wanted to see the Parc Life price list for each individual unit. There are quite a few different sizes and kinds there, and I wanted to look at the prices of each one before I made a decision on the one that I wanted to have. There is only one type of two bedroom unit as well as the five bedroom unit. For the four bedrooms one, people can choose between two different types of units.

The three bedroom units is where there are really a lot of different choices. There are three different styles, including the Viva, the Verandah, and the Vista. With the Vista, there are two different types of floor plans available. It does not stop there though. There are also 105 units that have three bedrooms plus a universal room. This can be used for pretty much anything. Read the rest of this entry »


Uncle Will Pay the Cost

Posted in Uncategorized on August 19th, 2017

I have one of the coolest uncles in the world. I wanted to move into my own place, but my financial situation wasn’t the best. He came up with a solution to get his son out of the house and help me. He proposed that his son and I move in together. My uncle was willing to help my cousin and I get one of the luxury apartments near Ballantyne NC by paying for our rent for a few months while we landed some solid jobs. I don’t know too many people who will do this for their family, but I’m glad I have an uncle who will.

We put our heads together to find a good place that would be our new residence. Read the rest of this entry »


Doing What I Love to Do

Posted in Uncategorized on August 17th, 2017

I have loved flowers ever since I was a young girl. I would plant flowers in our yard and make beautiful arrangements with them, and then I would give them to all the neighbors. I don’t think it surprised anyone when I became a florist. I worked for someone else for nearly two years, but I realized that I needed my own creative process to matter, so I opened my own flower shop. Before I did, I looked at everything i would need, including flyer printing and distribution in Singapore.

The reason that was so important to me is because I knew that I was going to have to make myself known to people. There were already two established flower shops in town, so I wanted to get my name out there as the new florist in town. Read the rest of this entry »


I Hurt My Back Moving

Posted in Uncategorized on August 17th, 2017

I have been thinking about what to do about the pain in my back. It started after I moved my stuff to a apartments for Mission Viejo. It is not constant, but it does come and go. In particular I often get real stiffness in the morning when I am trying to get out of the bed. Of course the obvious thing to do is to go see a chiropractor and that is what really makes the most sense. However you really have to think a lot about who you trust and the reasons are very clear if you look carefully at how a chiropractor does what he is doing. Read the rest of this entry »


Our Apartment in Colorado is Really Nice

Posted in Uncategorized on August 15th, 2017

I have lived the majority of my life in Georgia, so I knew that moving to Colorado was going to be a whole new world for me. It was a move that I definitely looked forward to, especially because it meant that my wife and I along with our daughter were finally going to start living out our dreams. We did not have a lot of time to get things sorted though, so we decided to look at apartments in Colorado Springs rather than a house right away. We knew that it would be better for us to get used to the area before settling in any specific area without knowing the lay of the land there.

My wife is a stay at home mom, so I knew that she would be able to explore the different areas so she could determine what area we wanted to buy a house. Read the rest of this entry »


Live the Life You Have Always Wanted

Posted in Uncategorized on August 14th, 2017

Living in California has always been a dream of mine. I grew up in Illinois, a land lock state. The only time I ever got to go to the beach was when my parents would take me to Florida once a year. But I always dreamt of living in California near the ocean. So after my parents split up, my mother and I decided to live the dream and move to California. We needed to find a nice apartment. I did a internet search for oceanside luxury apartments .

My mother and I had some very specific needs since we would be sharing the apartment. Read the rest of this entry »