An Apartment of Her Very Own

I was looking at a website for a local event, and I came across an ad that said to click here. There was a gorgeous picture associated with it, so I clicked it to see what it was an advertisement for. It took me to the website for the City Park View website, which is an apartment complex in the downtown area. I wasn’t even in the market for an apartment, as I have a nice home already. It did make me think of my daughter though. She has been living with the same roommate for nearly two years, and she told me not long ago she is ready to strike out on her own.

I knew she would be happy with everything that City Park View has. There is one thing she would like most, and that is the location of it. It is so close to things I knew she would like to do. The only reason she didn’t take advantage of them then is because she was just too far away. I couldn’t wait to tell her about it, so I called her over to have dinner with me the next evening.

When I showed her the website, she got even more excited than me, which makes sense. Not only would it put her closer to things she will enjoy, but there are things right there on the property grounds that she is able to do that her then apartment did not offer. She filled out an application so she could be considered, and everything went in fast motion after that. She talked with her roommate, and they agreed to part ways. She moved in just two weeks later, and she told me just last night how much happier she is now that she has an apartment of her very own.


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