Addiction Rehab in New Jersey Treats the Underlying Problem

I was watching the evening news today and saw a segment on addiction rehab in New Jersey. This was a very interesting segment on addiction. This place has a different approach on addiction rehab. They not only treat the addiction but they also treat the underlying cause of the addiction. You see, you can treat the addiction and get clean and sober. But a relapse is most likely to occur if you don’t treat the underlying psychological cause of the addiction. It makes a lot of sense and hopefully, they will be very successful in helping those who are chemically dependent.

The news piece went on to say that there is a long list of underlying psychological causes of addiction to include but not limited to post-traumatic stress syndrome, low self-esteem, loss of a loved one, insomnia and depression. They have different treatment programs depending on they cause and type of addiction. Some patients will need to undergo the 12 months inpatient program while others may be able to participate in outpatient groups. Whatever the cause of the addiction may be, it is very refreshing to know that there are choices for treatment that have been proven to be successful.

I look forward to following this rehab center in New Jersey with their approach to helping those that are dependent on drugs and/or alcohol. After doing a little bit of research, I found their website and noticed that the clinical side of treatment is covered by some insurance plans. That alone is great news. It seems that so many people don’t seek help because they simply cannot afford it. You can also read actual testimonials from previous patients and families. After reading these testimonials, this looks like a great place to seek out if you happen to be one that is chemically addicted to a substance.


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