A Trip to Centuries Past

 ... . Tan sandstone, 5’ 3” high. Archaeological Museum, SarnathMany people have a love of history and like to visit sites that are rich in culture with an interesting past. For those that are considering their next trip to an ancient land, they should think about visiting Peru. This South American country is full of archaeological dig sites where Archaeologists have found many different artifacts and writings from ancient civilizations.

The website that specializes in Peruvian archaeology highlights each site dig. In the highlights, the date of the dig with items found is listed. It is not uncommon for site users to see pictures of items found in past digs. Information about the previous generations is discussed, complete with details as to how they would use each of the listed and pictured artifacts, complete with reasons why it was right for the time.

The Tucume Pyramids are a very popular site with those who travel to Peru to see the ancient structures. The site has over twenty large pyramids and peaks and valleys. There are platforms that connect some of the pyramids to each other. In Chan Chan there is a large mud brick settlement that has gone under extensive excavations of stone and dirt. The large ancient city sits on two and a half square miles, complete with many tunnels and enclosures to save the residents from the harsh summer weather.

The coasts of Chiclayo and Trujillo are also mentioned, complete with a section on the many different sites that can be toured either in a tour group or as an individual. Maps and tour information are offered on the website, with the type of artifacts found on each site, and how long each dig lasted.

The site provides a brief history lesson on each generation and civilization identified thus far, and what information was discovered from researching and excavating new artifacts.


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