A Proposal at Parc Esta

My girlfriend and I had been dating for a couple of years, and I finally felt that I was ready to pop the question to her. I thought about how to go through with it for months, and came up with the perfect scenario. Rather than doing something that was crazy and too elaborate, I decided to just keep it simple and let my words do all of the work. I invited my girlfriend over for dinner at my place at Parc Esta. I saw a recipe for a delicious roast on television that I wanted to try out.

Since my girlfriend had no idea that I was going to propose to her, neither of us was wearing anything fancy for the dinner. It looked just like we were having a regular night of dinner together. I knew that by the end of the night, she would be completely surprised by my proposal. It took everything I had to keep from spilling the beans before it was the right moment. She really loved the roast that I made for dinner, and she especially loved the pie that was for dessert.

At the end of the movie is when I made my move. I started talking and then got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, and before I could even finish asking the question, my girlfriend said yes. She shouted so loudly that everyone else in the complex probably was able to hear her. That was the easy part of the whole thing, but now comes the hard part of actually planning a wedding. My girlfriend says that she wants to have a more simple wedding, but it remains to be seen if she keeps to this idea or starts adding things that won’t make it so simple.


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