A Night We Will All Remember

When my boss asked me to hire corporate entertainment for his wife’s parents’ anniversary, I thought it was going to be a small affair. He gave me all the information I would need though, and it did not take long to figure out that this was going to be a huge party that people would not soon forget. They were celebrating their 50th anniversary. I had met both of them many times at work when they would visit with their daughter, and it was actually hard to believe that they were old enough to have been married for 50 years!

My boss had told me pretty much what he wanted, which was perfect. I did not want to have to plan the entire party out, but I did not mind hiring the different vendors to make sure his in-laws had the best night ever. There were close to 150 people that were to be invited, and I was happy that my name was on the list, especially after I hired the entertainment that my boss wanted. He knew that his father-in-law was enchanted with magicians, so I was able to hire two that would go from table to table to entertain the guests in small groups.

He also wanted an oldies band there since that was the era where they had met and fallen in love. They got older, but their taste in music stayed there in the 60′s. I was able to hire a band that played all the songs that they would enjoy, and I even managed to get some dancers in that would remind them of their own youthful dances. It was a magnificent party, and I am so happy that he wanted me to help him with it. I threw in a few touches I knew they would all enjoy, and it was definitely a night we will all remember!


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