A Chiropractor Has Changed My Life

When you get migraines as much as I used to get them, you learn the different tricks and tips that will help you get through one. That does not take the pain away at all, but it does allow me to experience the least amount of pain as possible, which is still pretty bad. I was so tired of my migraines, and I had no idea why I had to experience these painful headaches. My doctor did not have that answer for me, but he did suggest that I see a Santa Barbara chiropractor to see if I would be able to find any relief through that sort of treatment.

I was not too optimistic because nothing else seemed to work. My doctor had prescribed medication that is supposed to help people who suffer from migraines, but it really did not have an effect on me. About the only thing that gave me a small measure of comfort was to lay in a dark room with a damp cloth covering my face with absolutely no noise at all. Sometimes it would still take me hours to get over one though, even with that.

I made the appointment though because I know my doctor had to really believe there was something to this. He would not just pass me off to someone else. He is the kind of doctor who wants his patients to feel better rather than try to pass the buck to someone else. I went to the chiropractor he recommended, and that is where I learned just how valuable chiropractic medicine is. He explained the relationship between migraine headaches and chiropractic care, then he proceeded to put that into motion. I have had no migraines since I started seeing him on a regular basis, and that has completely changed my life!


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